HCG diet is a very low- calorie and fat diet.

As part of the HCG diet, most people take HCG drops and injections of a hormone which are naturally produced by pregnant women – Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin (HCG). HCG drops and injections are taken alongside with a purely low-calorie diet. Sometimes calories per day

HCG diets are typically divided into three facets:

  • Loading facet – start taking HCG and consume enough of high calorie and fat foods for two days
  • Weight loss facet – consistently intake of HCG and consuming just 500 calories a day for about 3 – 6 weeks.
  • Maintenance facet – Stop HCG and slowly increase food intake but don’t take sugar and starch for weeks.

The process of trying to reduce your weight may take three weeks following the second facet; those looking for major weight loss may be instructed to follow the diet for 5- 6 weeks and even redo all facets of the cycles many times. While undergoing the second facets, you’re allowed to eat two meals per day (lunch and dinner).

HCG diet objective normally recommend that any meal should contain a bit of lean protein, a piece of bread, a fruit and vegetable. Or you can get a list of ratified foods to pick from in the particular quantity. Avoid the intake of butter, sugar and oils, but drink enough water (highly recommended). Tea or coffee and mineral water are approved also.

It very important to note that most HCG products are homeopathic, that is, they don’t contain HCG in them. Authentic HCG are in the form of injections, which are administered as a fertility drug and are available through doctor’s prescription. It is only Injections that raises the blood levels of HCG and not homeopathic products normally sold online.


HCG has not been stamped as a weight-loss treatment by the FDA. To lose weight, most people are still purchasing into HCG drops and injections but FDA placed criticism on this, saying they aren’t proved to help people shed pounds.

On the contrary, government agencies have disputed the HCG products because their ingredients are unknown and insignificant.

Below includes several side effects linked with the HCG diet, and they include:

  • Depression
  • Fatigue
  • Headache

These side effects may be due to its hunger- level calorie intake, which is said to make people feel depressed.

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