During the process of HCG weight loss 125-200, it is taken daily. The patient eats a lot of food until the third HCG injection is taken. After the third injection, the 500 calorie diet and personal limitations are followed through and they are followed through 3 days after the last injection. Then the next three weeks, starchy and sugary foods are not to be taken. After three weeks, starchy foods can be eaten in little amount and the weight is monitored.

Most people using HCG weight loss program reports a loss of 2lbs at the least. To get a more rapid weight loss you should add vegetables to your diets and increase the intake of vegetables. Take a lot of fibre and lots of water.

Before your treatment, your doctor will then ask you for a blood test and run a general health analysis. For injections, no preparation is needed.

Hcg weight loss research has shown that weight loss that follows Simeon’s rules comes from fat tissues. In doing so, weight loss is from the fat and does not deprive the body of vitamins or minerals needed for good health, and also releasing lots of fats in the bloodstream to be digested by the body system.

Hcg drops make the hypothalamus- The hypothalamus gland keeps the thyroid, adrenals, fat storage, and more importantly, your metabolic rate, to move the fat out of the fat locations so that it is set for use. When using 500 calories, your hypothalamus is releasing fats in the body system. For this, your body is running on lots of calories a day.

It is usual for moderate hunger in the first few days, this will, however, stop by the second week, you will find little food to be filling. This is partly because your hypothalamus is adapting to your metabolic rate, but mostly because of the calories moving in your system from the fats released.

HCG injections can be used by most men and women for weight loss. It is mostly advisable that dieters talk to a doctor regarding weight loss, alongside the proper application of HCG protocols. HCG weight loss injection is not permitted to pregnant or nursing mothers.

There seldom are side effects reports while using HCG diets shots or HCG drops for losing weights. When HCG shots are meant for fertility purpose, much quantity is likely to cause headaches and other pregnancy symptoms. However, the quantity difference between the HCG protocol and HCG used for fertility reasons is largely different in amount.

The HCG meant for HCG weight loss protocol is as a matter of fact already found in men. In fact, it is in every human tissue, which consists of male, pregnant women and even non-pregnant women.

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